About Us

MilleFiori! is not the biggest florist in Chicago, but then again we don’t want to be. Our goal is to be the one floral shop that you want to come back to again and again. Our shop has been built on the foundation of creativity, originality and, most importantly, customer service. We realize that it is an often overused phrase, but at MilleFiori! pleasing the customer is our highest commitment.

Designers with Master’s Degrees in Fine Arts provide MilleFiori! with an approach unsurpassed in the floral industry.

We also feature a large selection of enticing candles, floral scented body oils, soaps, and personal care items, as well as a vast array of unique decorative accessories for the home and garden.

Our Professional Guarantee
At MilleFiori!, we strive to create fresh, exciting designs. With every customer, our goal is to go beyond mere flowers, and to create uniquely personal works of art.
We want you to be totally pleased with our work, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Please call if we may be of service.