MilleFiori! is not the biggest florist in Chicago, but then again we don’t want to be. Our goal is to be the one floral shop that you want to come back to again and again.
Our shop is built on the foundation of creativity, originality, and most important, customer service.
While “customer service” is often an overused phrase, at MilleFiori! pleasing our clients is our foremost commitment.
Designers with Master’s Degrees in Fine Arts provide MilleFiori! with an approach unsurpassed in the floral industry. We approach each design as sculpture and strive to create appropriately unusual arrangements. That’s why you’ll never see pre-arranged designs. Ever. What you will find is hi-impact, cleverly designed floral arrangements.

Of course, MilleFiori! can provide for delivery both locally and across the country with the same care and attention with which we create your lovely arrangements. Have an unusual situation which you think calls for the out of the ordinary or even the spectacular.